Rosie, an Australian volunteer, has been with us for 6 months already. She has been an incredible asset to Isibani and we are very glad to have her. Rosie has been working on a variety of projects including running a Sunday School at Winterton Primary, organizing and staffing the charity shop, helping to keep our recycling project running smoothly and helping out in the Isibani kitchen.


Miriam and Lisa our 2 German volunteers are reaching the end of their stay (but we are trying not to think about that); they have being doing amazing work with the local high school, with the rural crèche programme, the volunteer house, setting up databases, helping in the kitchen and much much more.


We are thinking of hiding their passports so they wont be able to leave !!


Bong and Graham. Volunteers from the UK came for a holiday (or so they thought) for 3 weeks in May. They were put to work and helped us out with various trips to the hospital, to home affairs, delivering and collecting patients etc.


Graham being very good at DIY was able to make the wheelchair ramp for Nkosinati and also help with the doors and windows at Stabiso’s house.


Bong worked hard with our volunteers in terms of how to write CVs, interview skills and searching out employment opportunities.


Success !

Nicola and Mafika have now left us for full time employment. They are both doing well and we wish them all the best.


Siboniso (Sbo)

We have been joined by another local volunteer, Siboniso, he is helping to oversee the running of our core projects and generally making sure that things happen when they should.