VCT stands for Voluntary Counselling and Testing and describes the confidential procedure that is followed when someone decides, on a voluntary basis, to take an HIV test. As the result of the test can be life changing, it is important that they are properly counselled before and after taking the test.


In June 2010 the Isibani centre was given the necessary approval by the Department of Health, to set up an on-site VCT clinic in a specially refurbished facility.


We have close links with the Emmaus hospital which has supported us with equipment and training. Emmaus is already referring local patients to us.


Currently we are establishing a weekly clinic, alongside the mobile fortnightly clinics. We are also able to support other clients who drop in during other days.


For clients who have received a positive result, we then provide ‘adherence training’. This is designed to help clients come to terms with their condition, understand the implications and the necessary drug administration, together with any required lifestyle changes.


Our aim is to then provide ongoing personalised support and refresher training where needed.


Thanks to the generosity of an overseas donor we now have our own CD4 machine meaning patients can get their CD4 result in around 20 minutes.  This measures the number of immune cells in the body and is necessary to determine if a patient is eligible to start on ARV (anti retro viral treatment).  It can take up to a week to get these results through the local hospital during which time a patient’s health can deteriorate rapidly.


In partnership with another NGO, agriaids, we have been visiting local farms to present sessions on HIV awareness and also offering onsite testing and counseling.  Local farmers have been very receptive to this service and we have been impressed with the number of farmworkers coming for tests on these days.