In addition to our work with the wider community we sometimes come across individual cases that require specific support to make a considerable difference to their lives and the opportunities we can give them.

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Hi, my name is Mfanafuthi Norman Khumalo. I am 18 years old and I am currently doing grade 10. I am originally from Ladysmith. I don’t have any parents; my father passed away in 2008 and I don’t know anything about my mother because she left me when I was very young. After my father passed away I lived with my paternal grandparents but my granny did not want me to live with them so she chased me away. I finally came to Winterton and here I found a man who was willing to give me a place to stay to continue my schooling. I did not live with this man but he had a house in the Khetani township and his son’s and neighbors kids were living there so he said I could stay with them.

At the end of 2010 with no warning or anything I was told that I could no longer live there and the house will be given to paying tenants So I became homeless.

I would like to complete my matric and make a future for myself, I have another 3 years to complete, but everything seems bleak at the moment.

From Isibani

In January this year, Mfanafuthi was placed in an orphanage/adolescent hostel in Loskop 20 minutes drive away from Winterton. This facility is run by another NPO (non profit organization) who are assisting us by taking students who want to finish their matric studies and do not have family or any other supporters to assist them. The manager of the Kwethu Cottages where Mfanafuthi now stays is a teacher at a local high school and he assists these students in getting registered with the school and runs a programme to support them with their study at home.

Being at Kwethu has allowed Mfanafuthi to continue his study without worrying about food, shelter and uniforms and he appears to be very happy there.

Kwethu has limited funding and is asking us to support them with R500 per month per student towards food, running costs and uniforms.


If anyone would like to support Mfanafuti please let us know.


Thanks to the generosity of overseas donors we have now received funding for Mfanafuthi.  This will enable him to continue with his education in a safe and caring environment without the constant worry of how he is going to support himself through school.  The donation we have received will be enough to cover his education, living expenses and school supplies for the next 12 months.

Isibani will be happy to provide updates on the progress of both Tracy and Mfanafuthi to anyone choosing to support them.