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Clinic Day

07-04-2013 15:58 by Graham Watts

The Clinic Day takes place every second Monday at Isibani Community Centre. Actually the Mobile Clinic was just supposed to use the rooms at Isibani, but meanwhile all the team members are involved. They are testing blood pressure, blood sugar, VCT and they dispense medications. The service from the Mobile Clinic of the Emmaus Hospital includes baby check ups, pregnancy testing, family planning, pap smears and general help in case of illness.

On 100 to 300 people on a clinic day you can see that there is a big necessity from the community. In case of illness it’s easier for the people to come here instead of going to Emmaus and for some of them the money for the taxi is also not affordable as often as it’s maybe needed. Especially when they need medication on a regular basis it’s easier to come to Isibani instead of going to Emmaus or somewhere else.

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