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This is a feeding scheme to support the poorest members of the community. Where families are affected by sickness there is often no breadwinner and families survive on the little income they receive from welfare grants. Some families are not able to access any grants and often survive purely on the generosity of neighbours.


Each month families come to Isibani to collect a food parcel consisting of maize, soya mince, sugar, salt, tea bags and beans. As well as handing out food on these days we give presentations on HIV awareness and prevention, healthy living, substance abuse and other health issues.


The objective of this scheme is to provide a short term solution to enable people to get back on their feet; we focus on feeding those who are too ill to work and children who are still in school. We work closely with the families to help them to access any grants they may be entitled to and to help them understand their health issues and offer advice about access to health care.


We are seeing an increasing number of orphan led families where children have lost both of their parents to AIDS. We will support these families until the children have completed their education and are able to find work.