Crisis Care

We aim to provide an immediate response for people who are in crisis – whether physically or emotionally.


In addition to acute medical problems, we offer support to those who are in danger or made homeless.


The seasonal fires can often destroy homes and sometimes are fatal. We are able to step in and provide emergency food and clothing, together with finding temporary accommodation.


We have basic short term accommodation available at Isibani and have housed a number of families and individuals over the short time the centre has been open. We are able to work with these people to help them regain strength and to assist them in moving back into their community.


It is a sad fact that rape is not uncommon in our community particularly amongst children. We are able to work with the police and social workers to do everything possible to safeguard the victims emotional and physical wellbeing.


Khetani Storm Damage

In March of 2011 our area was hit by ferocious storms. Four houses located in the One Rooms area of Khetani (our local township) collapsed completely and around 20 more throughout Khetani and Sibonello lost roofs and were badly damaged. Local churches, Desai Hardware store and community members donated sufficient funds to allow us to assist with repairs to the lesser damaged houses.


We are still waiting on the municipality to arrange for the removal and rebuilding of the house that collapsed completely.


We were called out on the night of the storm and visited many houses ensuring that no-one was hurt, taking details and ensuring everyone had somewhere to sleep for that night. It was very wet and still very windy and we got the car bogged more than once but were very thankful to find that there were no serious injuries.


Over the next few days we helped with transporting of furniture, washing and storage of clothes and finding alternative accommodation for anyone who hadn’t been able to find anywhere on their own.


See photos below for extent of damage caused.