Isibani came about after many years working door to door and seeing a never ending demand for information, health support, access to government documents and finances in a fairly uneducated and poor community.
You will find women (mainly the older ones) across all parts of Africa caring for and supporting the sick, orphaned neighbours and extended family. I met and worked with a number of them over many years. Some of these women came to volunteer at Isibani and support the creation and delivery of more services to more people.
It is a pleasure and a privilege to work with such an amazing group of people and with a community that is so open and humble.



Staff Profiles

Please click on any of the names below to learn more about our lovely (and very special) staff.

Picture of ann

I am a volunteer from England and have been at Isibani since it opened; I am not able to be here full time but try to spend as much time here as I can each year.

My role includes managing the Matthew 25 feeding scheme, overseeing the baby day care facility in Khetani as well as trying to keep our accounts and paperwork in order from day to day.

Working at Isibani is a dream come true for me; every day is different and I love the variety of work. Isibani is a place of hope for the community and every one working here really has a heart for people.

During my time here I have met some truly amazing people and am privileged to be a part of this wonderful community and community centre.

Picture of Sbo

I am a 20 something year old, residing in Khethani, Winterton. My passion is bringing God's love into everything I do.


When God led me to Isibani, I took it as a perfect chance to be used by God to touch people' lives. The work that Isibani does requires one to love, love and love.


Though I will be with Isibani for a short time, I believe that God will work His miracles within this time, He is never limited by time-frames after all.

Picture of sylvester

I'm 31 years old and started working at Isibani community center from 2008. I help Isibani with the maintenance and with translating Sotho to Zulu.

I run the garden too with fresh vegetables going to the community which that makes me very happy to serve out the fresh stuff to our community.

 As life goes on I want to know more and more about God and help people that don’t know about god.

What I like about working at Isibani is that the work that Isibani does is helping people, and I like to help those who need help too.


Picture of sindi

I'm 31 years old and have been volunteering at Isibani Since May 2008

I manage vct testing and counseling and adherence training. I also do home based care.and help out in the physiotherapy and cerebral palsy groups as well as helping with Matthew 25 and translating

I would like to get more training in things related to health as I’m always working with health cases, to visit other places which doing similar work to see and learn from them

To work in community and able to help them is a big thing to me. .Isibani is the only place which is trying to meet peoples need and it is what I like about it.

I'm 31 years old and started at isibani on the 7 June 2010. I am on the front desk which is a help desk. I am welcoming people and help to take all the information that is needed especially for those that are applying for Matthew 25 which is food distribution and to phone welfare and home affairs.

I like to work at Isibani because they are helping our community and for those that are simply struggling to for daily survival.

 In future I want to further my studies like to do office management, because I can’t walk I am in wheelchair.

Picture of Sofi

Sofi was born and raised in the UK before moving to Australia in her teens.  She came to South Africa on a working holiday in 1999 and loved the country so much she decided to stay.

Sofi has always given help and support to others, as and when she became aware of their problems.  Over the years Sofi has developed many contacts within the local area and abroad.  In the last couple of years this has led to the support and financial assistance which has enabled the birth of Isibani - a centre which offers a local facility, that is staffed by committed volunteers.

Today, Sofi oversees the day to day running of the centre and the ongoing development of new services.  Her beginnings as a home-based carer mean that she will always play a very hands on role in providing care to those in need.